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International involvements 






Consulting for MEMNON Archiving Services (2007-2008)
Technical assistance for Portuguese Cinematheque for its new Sala Dr. Félix Ribeiro and Sala Luís de Pina screening theaters. The future of the cinematheque is actually in question

Co-organization with Michelle Aubert of the Paris January 2000 Joint Technical Symposium.
The JTS Paris 2000 presented 30 papers and 8 posters organized in three chapters corresponding to the main present and future challenges :
•Risk assessment in the preservation of image and sound materials
•Transfer and restoration of original image and sound
•Data management systems and migration strategies
Translations from English to French : FORCE project/FILM training programs, articles published by GAMMA, and from French to English : articles published by GAMMA, LIMELIGHT project

Several technical audits for the French Foreign Affairs and for the National Film Board (Rio de Janeiro, Rabat)