Pub & Lectures 






Participation to the work of the Joint Technical Commission AES SC-03-04/ISO TC 42 WG-5 chaired by Peter Z. Adelstein, on Magnetic Tape and Optical Discs Handling.
Participation to several AMIA annual conferences. Former Member of AMIA Committees :
- DIC (Digital Initiatives Committee). DITF (Digital Issues task Force) was initiated by Linda Tadic to prepare the Boston 2002 Conference and has been turned into DIC that has been approved by the membership as a permanent Committee.
- Preservation Committee chaired by Ian Gilmour (ScreenSound Australia)
- International Outreach Task Force : former Internationalization Task Force, co-chaired by Ray Edmonson and Sam Kula

Collaboration to annual conferences AMIA (Los Angeles, Portland, Boston, Minneapolis ...) FIAF (Madrid, London, Slovenia), FIAT (Budapest, Florence, Lisbon), IASA (Barcelone, Riga), ARCHIMEDIA (Brussels, Bologna, Lisbon, Amsterdam (1997 to 2000) and seminars in several European countries : London BFI/NFTVA, Filmoteca Espaņola of Madrid, Service des Archives du Film de Bois d’Arcy, Lisbon Cinematheque, Amsterdam Nederland Filmmuseum, Budapest Hungarian National Archive

Organization of Budapest Seminar for the Hungarian National Film Archive in 2002 and 2003 : setting the basis of the Seminar as a yearly event, program of presentations, sponsors, publications. The Budapest Film Archive Seminar is now established and recognized as the Eastern Europe archives venue

Speaker for the Fellini Foundation Seminar in Rimini, October /November 2002