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 1968 to 1975 : casting officer, unit manager on several Motion Picture films :
    " The day of the Jackal " (Fred ZINNEMAN)
    " Les Mariés de l’An II " (Jean-Paul RAPPENEAU)
    " Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob " (Gerard OURY)
    " Flic Story " (Jacques DERAY)

Professional registration n° 3847 (Centre National de la Cinématographie).

1976 to 1982 : In charge of Productions for Gaumont International on more than 30 films, from script to theatrical exhibition, such as :

" La Carapate " (Gerard OURY)
" Coup de tête " (Jean-Jacques ANNAUD)
" La Chèvre " (Francis VEBER)
" La Boum " (Claude Pinoteau)

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- preparation and shooting operations, agreements, budgets, schedules
- post-production operations (editing, mixing, laboratory processing)

1982 to 1986 : assistant to Georges CRAVENNE for " La Nuit des César " (French equivalent to the Oscars)

Executive Producer on :
    " Elsa, Elsa " (Didier HAUDEPIN)
    " Gentille Alouette " (Sergio CASTILLA)
and Producer : " Jacques MESRINE " (Hervé PALUD)


1986 to 1992 : CEO of S.I.S., one of the main French post-production facility complex, listing credits of films such as :

" Frantic " (Roman POLANSKI)
" Big Blue " (Luc BESSON)
" Roselyne et les Lions " (Jean-Jacques BEINEIX)
and French versions of : " Out of Africa ", " Beauty and the Beast ", etc.
SIS studio

Links with Los Angeles post-production V. P.s (Universal, Fox, Warner, Castle Rock, etc.), and with Todd AO, Lucas Skywalker, etc.


Member of the GAMMA group and of ARCHIMEDIA. Co-Organiser of JTS Paris 2000. Consultant for Media-Matters, Memnon. Training, translations, lectures, work on standards ... (1992 to 2005)


Head of Continuing education demartment at Louis-Lumiere School for Cinema, Photo and Sound (2005 - present)


Chairman of the Board of Post-Production Union and 1st Vice President of Cinema Technical Industry Federation 1992. 

Member of Caméra d’Or Jury - French Film Festival in Cannes 1990, and of South American Film Festival Jury in Biarritz 1991. CAMEROR.GIF (4253 octets)